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Klana helps to discover hidden community based tourism destinations in Indonesia. We try our best to put them all into one platform so that it’s easier for travellers to browse, find and book!

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We work with the communities and local organizations to develop travel plans and activities in these destinations. Additionally, Klana also publishes content that highlights the unique culture, tradition and way of life of communities.

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With our platform we aim to deliver the best and most authentic experiences to our travellers. Through these journeys, traveling can be used as a tool to further develop positive impact in Indonesia.

Our Commitment to the Community

“Gotong Royong” is an Indonesian term that means the cooperation of a community to achieve the same goal. This attitude is what Klana tries to embody everyday. For this reason, through mutual respect and collaboration we hope to create a place where tourism can empower positive change.

In the development of our tour activities, the voice of the locals is heard first, then everything else later. As a result, this assures that the community’s interests are met first. Click here to learn more about our community outreach

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Our promise to preserve Culture

Indonesia has over 300 ethic tribes all across our Islands. That is why culture is a very important part of our operations. With this intention, we try our very best to be respectful of local traditions and laws.

Lucky for us, we work with incredible local leaders that help us accommodate for different local needs. Klana prioritises in the changes that the locals want to see in their community while keeping in mind that traditions should stay as authentic as possible.